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The Bearded Experience™

A pair of very talented, bearded men will cover your wedding day. You’ll receive a short form film accompanied by a custom soundtrack as well as an edited version of your ceremony & reception. Package prices are based on the number of hours of coverage and every package includes an initial consultation and a pre-production meeting prior to the wedding.

starting at $5200
*These numbers reflect 2015 pricing and are subject to change.

Our Awesome Associates

We have lots of other fun and talented people who work with us and are set at a lower price point than our bearded principal filmmakers. Just because the Associates’ facial hair might not be as impressive, that doesn’t mean you won’t still receive the same bells & whistles and custom product.

starting at $4200
*These numbers reflect 2015 pricing and are subject to change.

Have an idea in mind or a special situation? We can create a custom package to suit your needs as we recognize everyone is unique. If you’d like, contact us for detailed price and service info.



You contact us to set up a meeting. We get to know each other, show work, talk pricing and you assess whether we’ll get along with Aunt Mildred.
Fine Print: We could also enjoy cold adult beverages – if you’re into that sort of thing.


We play a sportsmanlike game of phone/email tag to solidify details, price and coverage. Winning team signs a contract and gives a deposit.


We show up on time, you give us a hug (by that time you miss us) and we go to work documenting the sultry details and big moments of your wedding day.


We strap on our favorite mouse pad and computer screen for a journey through several hours of footage. Over 12-16 weeks we laugh, we cry and ultimately we craft a piece that we’re both damn proud of.


You’ve received your full package of goodies in the mail – we pick up the phone to say hello, how’d we do? It’s okay, we miss you too.


“I’m sure everyone feels this way about their wedding video, but I have to say that Leap blew our hopes out of the water, and we had REALLY high hopes because my husband and I already knew how high the quality was from the other reviews, wedding videos and segments we had watched online already. We LOVE all the song choices and the footage was beautiful. But more than that, I think what is so unique about Leap, is the way all the footage was captured; the uniqueness and creative angles and glances, funny faces, sweet moments, it’s amazing how it allowed me to totally re-live the wedding day completely, and more so. We cannot thank Leap and Ben and everyone involved enough for the work they did in making our wedding day last forever. We feel so humbled and we are so grateful for the work the day of the wedding, the final product, and just Leap as a business in and of itself. I feel like they gave us one of the best gifts we’ve ever received. Truly, everyone we know and every one of our siblings will be using Leap in the future for their weddings because we can’t stop raving to everyone about how using them was hands-down the best decision we made with the wedding!!”

- Maria & Joe

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“These guys are absolutely amazing!!! I am so happy that they were the ones to video our wedding. They came in that morning of the wedding and were so nice and professional right from the get-go. They made me, my family and our wedding party and guests feel so comfortable, and they captured all the special moments of our day without being intrusive. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. I was sad when they left at the end of the evening!!! AND THEN, we got our wedding video and when I saw the beautiful masterpiece they so thoughtfully and artistically put together, I was speechless and beyond grateful to all of them. Thank you Leap Weddings for being so fabulous! WE LOVE YOU!! :))) I hope every bride and groom books you – they will not be sorry!”

- Erin & Bill

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“Oh Leap Weddings, you are dreamy! Jack and Josh were our videographers on our big day and they proved to be a central part of what made the day so special, whimsical, and overall the best day of our lives. They were incredibly professional and friendly, but more importantly, they were playful, creative, and had a pretty magical way of feeling as if they’d been a part of our mix of family and friends all along. One of our favorite parts of the day was when we said we kind of wanted to start skipping (in part because it was SO chilly outside and we knew it’d warm us up) and they not only encouraged us to do so but then turned it into a ton of fun for us, encouraging our goofiness and quirkiness and helping to create such an awesome memory that we’ll never forget. The whole process of working with Leap Weddings, front to back, was fun, easy, and made us feel like we could totally be ourselves as a couple. We can’t say enough good things about them and want to extend a HUGE thanks to Jack and Josh for doing such a wonderful job. Please consider them for your wedding!”

- Courtney & Steve

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“If you need a videographer, look no further! Leap Weddings did the MOST AMAZING job with our wedding video. We got married in August at the Chicago Botanic Garden and they not only made us feel comfortable the whole day but further captured literally everything we wanted them to from the scenery to the decor and details to all 185 guests. The footage is amazing, and more than anything else, they really caught the essence of our day. There were so many sweet, sentimental, beautiful, funny, spontaneous moments that they caught that really makes watching the video seem like a reenactment of our perfect day. They captured us, our friends, our family, and the day overall perfectly…and then put it in incredible segments that my family, friends, and of course WE are watching again and again!! They’re creative geniuses who are great listeners and really professional business people. I would give them 10 stars if I could. If you want the best, go with Leap Weddings. Period.”

- Carly & JB

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“If 5 stars means “woohoo!” then I wish I had the option to pick 6 stars… or 7… Ben, Aaron, Stephanie and the team at Leap Weddings are the best in the biz. I already knew Ben’s work because he shot my friend’s wedding back in 2010, so I felt SO lucky that they were available for our wedding in June 2012. As much as I anticipated my actual wedding day, I think I anticipated seeing the video even more!! On such a crazy day, I barely remembered all the speeches, I didn’t see all the action on the dance floor, and watching everything again on the video was so amazing. But it’s not just being able to relive the day that’s fun… it’s reliving the day through Leap’s amazingly creative, cinematic eyes. I was blown away at how beautifully and artfully they shot and edited everything. For anyone who’s going back and forth about if they want a videographer or can afford it – DO IT, and call Leap Weddings. You won’t regret it for a single second!!”

- Ryan & Alan

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“Our wedding video is amazing!!! Our experience with Ben and Jack was delightful. Ben is such a kind, hardworking, and honest person. He was able to make our wedding day stress free and had us laughing the entire day. I admire his compassion and creativity. He was able to capture every important detail of our day. Our family and friends are completely blown away by our wedding video. You will not be disappointed with Leap Weddings. I am so glad that they were a part of our wedding day. We have found ourselves looking for reasons to stop by the studio for a visit and to also say hi to Moose (Ben’s adorable dog)!!! One of the best decisions that we made for our wedding was choosing Leap Weddings!!!”

- Lauren & Jon

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“I was waiting until we received the finished video to write this review of Leap Weddings because I knew we would be even more thrilled with them than we already were, and I was right. My husband and I were trying to figure out how to cut wedding costs and at first we thought we might be able to do this by cutting out a videographer, or going with the least expensive package we could find, but as soon as we met with Leap we knew that was not going to be an option. After a wedding, many people look back and say that there are many things they wish they wouldn’t have spent money on, but I can honestly say that this will not be one of those things. Being able to re-live the day, to see all of our friends and family and little details we may have missed, is priceless. We could not be happier with Leap’s work and their ability to perfectly capture all of the great moments in a creative and fun way that will help us remember the day forever. If you use Leap Weddings for your videographer, you will not regret it.”

- Katie & Marty

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