HEIGHT: 6’8” and growing.

HAIR:  Hat Only + Beard

MUSIC: Everything. I love music.

LIKES: Live music, bad reality television, super sweet dance-offs, lazy Sundays, the movies, beer, traveling

DISLIKES: Complaining, being late

ABOUT ME:  After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in film, I hit the ground running and began LEAP Weddings, which allowed me to do something I truly love – create films, every weekend. Since 2006 I have enjoyed every event I have filmed and, more importantly, have developed many long-lasting friendships with my clients, fellow vendors and my staff, who I now consider my family. LEAP has taught me how to improve my skills as a filmmaker, editor, producer, leader and entrepreneur and, as a result, I have been able to build three more companies – The BMP Film Co., Epoch Studio Salon, and Evolve. It’s been a great run so far and, from the looks of it, I don’t really plan to stop running anytime soon. Thank you for checking us out and I look forward to working with you.


HEIGHT: 5′ 8 1/2″

HAIR: Brunette

MUSIC: I love it all — from James Taylor to The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Eric Prydz to Chromeo

LIKES: Concerts, Netflix marathons, traveling, Parks & Recreation, puppies

DISLIKES: Pedestrians who don’t pay attention when crossing the street

ABOUT ME: I am passionate, hard working, and competitive, and I love the art of storytelling. I knew after I took my first broadcast class in high school that my dream job was to be the person behind the scenes — a producer and video editor. After graduating from The University of Kansas with a degree in Film & Media (Go Jayhawks!), I set out to find the perfect company that would allow me the opportunity to grow these talents. I was fortunate enough to be pointed in the direction of LEAP Weddings and am proud to be a part of this talented team of creatives. I look forward to meeting you!


HEIGHT: 5’11”

HAIR: Curly free-for-all + ginger beard

MUSIC: 60’s + 70’s. From The Dead to Sabbath, I love it all

LIKES: Juicing, drumming, cooking, adventuring, but mostly, being a new dad

DISLIKES: Complaining

ABOUT ME: Creativity is one of the most important things to me. I moved to Chicago (’08) with the dream of creating music and film. Since then, I have had the fortune of doing both. There is such great joy in being a part of a wedding day, taking in all the special little moments, details and, ultimately, having the opportunity to be creative throughout the entire day.


HEIGHT: 5’10”

HAIR: Coiffed by Epoch (our sister company)

MUSIC: Upbeat/Bangers Ball!

LIKES: Learning to dance (almost have the salsa down), rowing, drone operating, learning to play the piano

DISLIKES: The horror genre

ABOUT ME: I’m still here and, oh, there’s so much to do… let’s tell your story today!


HEIGHT: 6’1″

HAIR: “The Ders”

MUSIC: Indie Electro Pop-Rock

LIKES: Television, music, Chicago sports, dogs, Portillos

DISLIKES: Potholes, Taylor Swift, Peeps, Green Bay Packers

ABOUT ME: Growing up in the ‘burbs, I’ve always seen Chicago as one the greatest cities in the world, and after graduating from Tribeca Flashpoint in 2012, I moved out to this city with my now wife Vivian & two crazy pups, Sunday & Teddy. Having studied Cinematography in school, I knew I wanted to work with video cameras behind the scenes, it was just a matter of in what context. From taking apart old household tech down to the circuit board to messing around with my parents’ camcorder with friends, I’ve always been attracted to new technology how it works in the real world, what purpose it yields, and how it can change our lives for the better. When it comes to weddings, there’s no greater joy than reliving those precious moments by watching a beautiful highlight film uniquely created by our awesome team. Through my eyes, hands, and camera equipment, I take part in capturing the day to help turn it into a powerful masterpiece that will live on forever (or however long digital drives last, but pretty close though).


HEIGHT: 5’14”

HAIR: Hippie

MUSIC: Songs that require real instruments

LIKES: Nature conservation, cats [wild and domestic], gardening, fermentation and home cooked food.

DISLIKES: Bad lighting and the news.

ABOUT ME: I am an award winning cinematographer and photographer out to capture emotion, story and truth. Armed with a background in cultural anthropology and an inability to be separated from my camera, I take my role as artist gleefully and seriously as a means to create compassion and record the mad joy of our contemporary world.


HEIGHT: 5’2”… and a half…

HAIR: Ever-changing

MUSIC: Stuff that sounds good

LIKES: Music, traveling, reading and going on adventures

DISLIKES: Fake people, heavy metal, and centipedes

ABOUT ME: After spending my first 24 years of life in metro Detroit, I decided to pack everything I owned into my car and make the 284-mile journey to Chicago. I didn’t have much money or a job lined up, or much of a plan in general, but I knew I would somehow make things work. Within 6 months, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Benjamin Mahoney, and I began an exciting career of producing and editing wedding films that truly reflect the individuality of each couple. I consider myself very lucky to work with such an amazing team!