And the Oscar goes to…CARLY!!! But wait, I thought his name was Needom? We’ll explain…

Let’s set the scene: We’re in Cincinnati at a college party at Xavier University, and in walks Carly with some of her friends. Needom saw Carly across the room and decided he wanted to introduce himself. He walked over to Carly and said, “Hi, I’m Needom” and Carly quickly answered with, “that’s not your name” and walked away.

What Needom didn’t know at the time (poor guy 😂) was that he shared a science class with Carly, and she had heard the teacher call him Oscar — which is his first name, Needom is his middle name. So at the party, Carly wasn’t interested in talking to what she thought was a liar and, needless to say, Needom was shocked by her response. But, Needom didn’t give up.

Sparks eventually flew a year later and they started dating, and have been committed to each other ever since! They experienced the rest of college together, law school, and their first careers! And after 4-years of long-distance, Needom moved to Chicago to be with Carly and asked her to marry him.

And that’s right about when we came in.

We are LEAP Weddings. This is Carly + Needom.


Authentic. Fun. Film.
Chicago Wedding Videography

Vendor List:

Filmed by: LEAP Weddings
Edited by: LEAP Weddings
Planner: Julie Chesna, Julie B. Events
Photographer: Cristina G Photography
Band: Al, Okyne Media Lab
Prep Venue: Hilton Chicago
Ceremony: Hilton Chicago
Reception Venue: Hilton Chicago

400 N. RACINE, UNIT #107