A girl walks up next to you at the bar and orders a Miller Lite and tacos 🍺 🌮. What do you do? You ask her out of course! And that’s exactly what Buddy did the night he met Megan.

As the night continued on, Buddy was convinced that Megan was the girl of his dreams (blonde, beautiful and likes Miller Lite and tacos — need we say more??), and Megan was quickly falling for Buddy’s charismatic personality. The conversation was effortless, the laughs were abundant, and they both said it felt like they were the only two at the crowded bar that night.

Approximately one year later outside the same bar, Buddy asked Megan to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes. Duh.

So grab a beer and a taco hit play and prepare to laugh, cry, and then laugh some more.

We are LEAP Weddings. This is Megan + Buddy.


Authentic. Fun. Film.
Chicago Wedding Videography

Vendor List:

Filmed by: LEAP Weddings
Edited by: LEAP Weddings
Planner: Tionna VanGundy
Photographer: Rick Aguilar Photography
Prep Venue: Renaissance Hotel
Church: Old Saint Patrick’s Church
Reception Venue: Renaissance Hotel

400 N. RACINE, UNIT #107