Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get A Videographer?
You spend about a year planning your wedding, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for one of the most important days of your life. Why wouldn’t you want it captured so you can re-live it for years to come?
I’m Concerned With The Lighting. How Do You Do It?
In general, we try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We understand that you are going for a certain ambiance and that a glaring light can take away from that. Ultimately, however, if the venue is dark and we don’t use lights the video will be dark, so we will discuss all lighting details and options in our pre-production meeting with you so we’re all on the same page.
Is The Person I’m Marrying Truly The Person For Me?
We can provide an unbiased answer to this question for the low, low price of $499.99, which can be added on to any package you book.
What Makes You Different From Other Video Companies?
We are genuinely excited about shooting weddings. We like our clients and love the relationships we develop with them. Providing a meaningful product that someone will have for the rest of their lives is very rewarding and important to us individually and as a company.
You Seem A Bit On The Expensive Side. Why?
A lot goes into your wedding video. Consultation, pre-production, logistics and organization, hours of filming, and a heck of a lot of editing. Bottom line: we love what we do and it shows in the final product.
My Wedding Is Not In Chicago, Can You Work With Me?
Absolutely. We always love the opportunity to expand our horizons and shoot somewhere new. Travel fees are addressed on a case-by-case basis.
Do I Have To Feed You?
We like food. Meals are definitely appreciated on shoots lasting 6 hours or more.
How Long Does It Take To Edit The Video?
You can expect your final video anywhere from 16-20 weeks following the wedding. Making magic takes time.
What Will I Receive?
It depends on the package!

If you select our Trailer, Associate or Principal package you will receive three separate digital files containing the creative film, full ceremony and main events of the reception. You will not receive all of the raw footage from the day, but this can be purchased at an additional cost.

If you select our Basics package you will receive two separate digital files containing the full ceremony and main events of the reception. Raw footage IS included with our Basics package which you will receive on a hard drive.

How Are The Ceremony And Reception Edited?
The full ceremony and main aspects of the reception (introductions, cake cutting, first dance, parent dances, etc.) are filmed on 3 cameras and then edited together using the multiple angles. All audio is then mastered resulting in a clean, watchable product that looks and sounds exactly like it did on your wedding day.
How Do You Pick The Music?
We use an great independent artist site called Music Bed to provide licensed music all our films. We highly encourage couples to browse the site and create a playlist of songs they like to help guide our editors to their specific taste in music/genres. While we will absolutely take your music direction (per the playlist + in-person meeting discussions). We’ll definitely take your tastes into consideration, however we can’t edit a film to a particular song as we’ve found it is better to choose a song that fits the narrative (not the other way around).
Can We Customize A Package?
Typically, no but we’re happy to hear your ideas ( we’ve rarely found a situation where we’ve needed to customize). We’ve crafted our creative product and packages over the past 15+ years to work specifically with our team’s shooting style. Our clients come to us because they love our style and as my dad says, if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.
Who Should I Hire For My Wedding Day Hair And Makeup?

Why, Leslie Hoffman, for hair of course! Check out Leslie’s work for more info. We have tons of recommendations for great vendors that we love to work with – just send us a note and we’ll share our guide to the best in the biz!

Do you offer photobooth services?

We do not but our friends at Vanity Picture Booth have some great options for you!


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