A pair of very talented, bearded men will cover your wedding day. You’ll receive a short form film accompanied by a custom soundtrack as well as an edited version of your ceremony & reception. Package prices are based on the number of hours of coverage and every package includes an initial consultation and a pre-production meeting prior to the wedding.

(These numbers reflect current pricing and are subject to change.)

Starting at $5,800


We have lots of other fun and talented people who work with us and are set at a lower price point than our bearded principal filmmakers. Just because the Associates’ facial hair might not be as impressive, that doesn’t mean you won’t still receive the same bells & whistles and custom product.

(These numbers reflect current pricing and are subject to change.)

Starting at $4,800


Planning a destination wedding? We love to travel and our passports are ready!

(These numbers reflect current pricing and are subject to change.)

Starting at $6,800


Have an idea in mind or a special situation? We can create a custom package to suit your needs as we recognize everyone is unique.

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“BECKY. Becky. BE.KEY.

I would never know where to begin, we just had the best time with the guys. They are SO beyond full of passion. The heart and soul they poured into everything (while smiling and being awesome!) was beyond me. Truly knocked it out of the park with their energies, overall professionalism, passion, skill and amazingness in general.

I’ve always heard LEAP is the best of the best in Chicago and can now personally say…No. Effing. Shit. Ya’ll are just incredible.

AND, how hilarious the number of guests at my wedding who said “oh! I used them!” had to have been like 8? My goodness you’re good.

Thank you thank you thank you. we will be reviewing you guys everywhere and can’t wait to ugly cry when we get your masterpiece! Hope your European adventure kicked serious ass. xoxo”


“LEAP is absolutely the best videographer in the business. They captured every moment of our wedding day and compiled the footage into an amazing video that tells a perfect story of the day from start to finish. The video is a perfect mix of fun and emotional. We can’t stop watching it…

If you are on the fence about getting a videographer, do it. The day goes by in a blur so having the video footage to play back is huge. It lets you reminisce with family/friends on all the things that happen throughout the day.

And don’t just use any videographer. Use LEAP! I promise they will be the best vendor you work with. Stephanie did an amazing job walking us through the different packages and made sure we were comfortable with all of their services throughout the entire process. On the wedding day, we worked with Jack and Josh. They couldn’t have been better. Both are crazy talented/creative. They had us do some really fun shots that turned out great in the final product. They made sure our group had fun while shooting and kept everyone loose. We can’t thank them enough for their amazing work. They truly are professionals.

This review doesn’t do the LEAP team justice. They deserve more than 5 stars for giving us something that we will be able to share with our family and friends forever. They rock!!!”

-Nicole & Paul

“Out of all of our vendor reviews, this was one of the hardest to write because it’s merely impossible to put into words the amount of gratitude and respect we have for Leap Weddings and the team that created our wedding video. To put it simply, they gave us one of the best gifts of all, and that is the ability to relive each special moment from July 3rd as if it were happening for the first time. From the first time we pressed play to the twentieth, the tears continue to flow (on my end), the laughter grows, and we’re left more and more amazed by all of the love that filled the room that day each time we watch it. We owe so much of this to Leap Weddings!

If you are a videographer skeptic or someone who doesn’t want to spend the money on videography, my husband and I can easily say that choosing Leap was THE best money we spent out of all of our vendors. Not only is the end product outstanding, working with Stephanie, Josh, and Carl was a pleasure from initial planning meetings to the day of. They were organized, efficient, funny, creative, and overall, great people to be around on such an important day. Between the wedding morning chaos, the management of our large wedding party, and the overwhelming emotions of the entire experience, Josh and Carl fit in seamlessly and made everything look effortless. (Josh definitely added an extra element of pre-reception fun with his Drone camera shots!) Most importantly, the amount of talent that each of them possess is extremely impressive and we can’t thank them enough. The footage they captured, the editing, the story it conveyed, the music selection – it was absolutely perfect from beginning to end. These ladies and gentleman truly have a gift and this is why they are considered THE BEST in the business.

Thank you thank you LEAP! We look forward to starring in our siblings’ videos in the future 😉 Or we may just have to throw a really large party just to get the chance to work with you again!”

-Dina & Tom

“Don’t think about it, just hire them! They are amazing. As soon as we met with Ben and Steph we knew we were in good hands. We ended up going past our initial appointment time because we just enjoyed talking with them so much. They did everything we wanted, and more. My parents did not want us to get a videographer and told us they wouldn’t pay for it as they felt it was a waste of money. Both of them agree they were wrong and are so glad we ignored their advice and went through with hiring Leap. Absolutely worth the money!”

-Whitney & Jim

“Let me first start off by saying that my then fiancé was not happy about the cost of a videographer, let alone Leap Weddings. But you get what you pay for, right? RIGHT.

I posted a status on Facebook asking for videographer suggestions and got bombarded with companies. I watched multiple videos from every single suggestion plus some I randomly chose off The Knot. Not ONE compared to Leap. My fiancé, Bryan, couldn’t come with me to meet with Ben and Stephanie so I had to beg him to trust me and let me book them. Thank god I’m persuasive. Ben was exactly what I was looking for in a videographer. Some people treat weddings as this stuffy occasion and I was just looking to have fun and celebrate the marriage to my soulmate. Ben totally got that.

When we met with them a week before our wedding, Bryan was finally on board. He could tell why I went with Leap. On our wedding day, Ben and Josh made everyone feel so comfortable. It was like they were a part of our bridal party. They were so fun. I’m very comfortable in front of a camera but Bryan is pretty shy. He said he had so much with Ben and Josh and they made it so easy and relaxing. A month later we were out for St. Patrick’s Day downtown and Bryan goes “you should text Ben and see if he’s out”. If after only one whole day you feel like you’re good friends with someone, chances are they’re pretty awesome. Our parents and bridal party had nothing but good things to say about them.

We just received our video and I’m honestly speechless. It’s absolutely amazing. Unreal. I can relive it over and over again in under 12 minutes. They captured all the important parts and Ben and Steph did a fantastic job editing it. My husband is beyond pleased and we are both so glad we chose Leap. I would recommend them over and over again! Thank you so much Ben, Josh, Steph and everyone over at Leap Weddings!!”

-Courtnie & Bryan

“If there’s a pattern here with five star reviews, it’s for a reason. With regard to the quality of the product, others have enthused sufficiently, and I will simply say — it surpassed even our lofty expectations. Check out their Vimeo page if you want to see some examples, and rest assured that your own footage will make you tear up even quicker.

I’ll concentrate here instead on the actual experience of working with Leap Weddings. Jack and Josh filmed our late-September wedding, and Stephanie was our point person. All three of them were a delight, the whole way through: responsive, friendly, professional, punctual, and downright charming.

On the day of… As silly as it sounds, having Jack and Josh with us actually seemed to add something to a day that was already bound to be amazing (I mean, when almost everyone you love has gathered in one place to wish you well, it’s hard to imagine that two strangers could make the day even better. BUT THEY DID.). They were just so fun, friendly, encouraging, and enthusiastic. It was like having a Greek chorus of positivity occasionally popping up to say, “You’re awesome!”

This isn’t to say they got in the way, though — which was my main concern when it came to hiring videographers. I do not like cameras in my faces. I don’t like bright lights, either, and I was worried that our reception venue (Ruggles, at the Newberry Library) would be dim enough to require those awful floodlights that blind people. I’ve no idea what Jack and Josh ultimately employed, because I didn’t notice any glaring lights in my face, but the footage from within the reception was as crystal clear as the footage from our first look (inside the Sofitel) and our formal photos (taken in some uncharacteristically balmy sunlit weather in Washington Square Park).

I didn’t know I wanted a videographer until I stumbled across a wedding video made by Leap Weddings. After that, I fretted over the budget and investigated slightly less expensive companies that offered similar products. My fiance and I watched a bunch of “wedding films” made by a variety of very talented folks around the Chicago area, but we never found another one that evoked the kind of emotion that a Leap Wedding film did (even though all their films that we watched on Vimeo featured total strangers!). Ultimately I thought, “If theirs was the product that made me want this so much, I might as well bite the bullet and find a way to save up the extra grand.” Having watched the final product ten times now (eep), I have to say, it was one of the best decisions we made in the whole wedding planning process. My husband’s colleague, who has experience as a wedding planner in Philly and asked to see of the short films, told him that she’d never seen a wedding film so artistically and beautifully rendered. I’d like to think part of the credit goes to us, for being such a conspicuously lovestruck couple — but I suspect most of the credit should go to Leap, and Jack and Josh, for their extraordinary talent and skill as filmmakers.”

-Meredith & Matt

“Holy freaking crap guys. If there is one thing I learned from my experience with Leap Weddings, it’s that videography is a must have, and most importantly, it must be Leap Weddings videography.

From the very first meeting with Ben and Steph, we felt welcomed, appreciated, listened to, and understood. Their interest in us and our story truly made us feel special and definitely erased any “but do we really NEED a film crew following us around all day?” worries. (Not that there were many of those worries, but we definitely had the conversation prior to meeting them).

Over the next year, our trust in them grew, and we actually felt like we had formed a true friendship with them. It’s extremely rare to meet with people one time and walk out the door knowing they were going to be some of the most important people we had met in years!

Jack, Cesar, and Carl showed up the morning of our wedding and I felt like a movie star. They filmed every single inch of detail (which is great because I kind of think of my wedding day as a complete blur). We had such a good time with them that I forgot they were actually there to work.

When we finally saw the short form version of our video, my husband and I both ended up in a sea of tears on the couch. The music they chose perfectly captured the feel of the day, the steady cam shots took our breaths away, and the kindness of Jack, Cesar, and Carl made us so visibly calm on a day that was anything but.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! Now go meet the team and prepare for the coolest, most necessary part of your wedding day.”

-Allie & Michael