It’s like your friends filmed it ….but exceedingly better.


Owner, Bearded Filmmaker


ABOUT ME: After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in film, I hit the ground running and began LEAP Weddings, which allowed me to do something I truly love – create films, every weekend, with great heart. Since 2006 I have enjoyed every event I have filmed and, more importantly, have developed many long-lasting friendships with my clients, fellow vendors and my staff, who I now consider my family. LEAP has taught me how to improve my skills as a filmmaker, editor, producer, leader and entrepreneur and, as a result, I have been able to build three more companies – The BMP Film Co., Epoch Studio Salon, and Evolve. It’s been a great run so far and, from the looks of it, I don’t really plan to stop running anytime soon.

LIKES: Live music, bad reality television, super sweet dance-offs, lazy Sundays, the movies, beer, traveling

DISLIKES: Complaining, being late




ABOUT ME: Originally from Texas, I moved to Chicago in 2019 and joined LEAP as a Producer that same summer. I studied Broadcast Media Arts at the University of North Texas, then worked at a local news station where I fell in love with telling stories. And now with LEAP Weddings I get to tell love stories! Most days you’ll find me talking to our lovely couples, organizing details for an upcoming wedding, or crying my eyes out watching the magic of a recent film our team created. My talents include interviewing, Guitar Hero, bathroom-mirror dancing, and being able to nap anywhere (the floor, airplane, my desk at the studio, etc.)

LIKES: Indoor cycling, live music, Thai food, the smell of Jeni’s waffle cones, and the Dallas Mavericks #MFFL

DISLIKES: Waking up early, squash, and the sad truth that I’m allergic to dogs


Office Manager


ABOUT ME: I consider myself a stellar listener and organizer – which is fitting as it’s my job at LEAP. I’ve enjoyed traveling the world, production gigs, and creating events before landing at LEAP in 2017- because who doesn’t love a great love story? When not at work, you can find me planning a trip (or a wedding), dancing to Prince, or playing with flowers.

LIKES: Plants, slippers, bold patterns, and handstands

DISLIKES: Paying to park


Filmmaker + Lead Trainer


ABOUT ME: I have been a part of the LEAP team since day one and I think weddings are a great place to tell beautiful stories. My superpower is having the ability to make strangers feel comfortable on camera (and being able to take naps anywhere). When I’m not enjoying creative direction, shooting or editing a wedding you can find me dancing to Latin music or chilling on the couch with Doctor Who.

LIKES: Telling a good story and seeing someplace new.

DISLIKES: People who say what they don’t mean and do what they don’t say.




ABOUT ME: I went to the University of Illinois in Chicago for Anthropology. Why do I love shooting weddings? I love telling the story of such a significant event in the client’s life. I sometimes sit back and think “holy wow. It’s amazing to capture this moment and these people.” I’m also big into gardening and am doing my part to save the monarch butterfly species (plant milkweed!)

LIKES: Good light, good food, plants, and animals.

DISLIKES: Snapchat filters and people who don’t pass in the passing lane.








ABOUT ME: I started my career at Valparaiso University for Mechanical Engineering and have been a part of the LEAP team going on three years now. I joined because along with providing a high-quality service I get to have fun. Every. Single. Day. There’s truly no better feeling than nailing the shot! I love finding beautiful compositions of each couple’s special day.

LIKES: Riding my skateboard around the city and soaking up Chicago.

DISLIKES: Cars in the bike lane, dead batteries.




ABOUT ME: I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing in photography and filmmaking, go figure. I’m most proud of my ability to craft and utilize light in the work I do. My friends say that I’m exuberant and neurotic, and they’re right, but I’m also positive, fun-loving, and a good problem solver. I like filming weddings because I feel as though I can add a perspective onto something that’s already beautiful in so many ways. It’s like adding a layer to the cake, in a sense.

LIKES: People responding positively to something I made, snow outside a window, and realizing I have a day off

DISLIKES: Passing in the right lane, bailing, ugly lawn decorations




ABOUT ME: I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Film & TV and I love going to work each day knowing that I’m helping keep peoples’ best memories alive. I have an uncanny ability to make any situation a party – even work. It’s easy to have fun working when you’re amongst people who are not only the best at what they do – but also some of the best people you know. That’s LEAP for me. Oh, and I know how to tie a damn fine bow-tie if the need arises.

LIKES: When your commute and the song you’re listening to end at the same time.

DISLIKES: People who micromanage time on vacations.




ABOUT ME: I’ve always loved film and graduated from Loyola University in Chicago for Film Production. I’m obsessed with getting the right shot for our clients and have been meticulously perfecting that craft with LEAP. Other notable skills include my extremely small handwriting and earning 4 crowns on Duolingo. Hola! 

LIKES: Live music, travel, gin & tonics, learning new skills, getting the shot!

DISLIKES: Children kicking my seat on airplanes and horrible lighting.


Filmmaker + Editor


ABOUT ME: I’m known for my storytelling skills, caffeine consumption, and sassy, but fun attitude. I went to ILIS for Visual Effects + Motion Graphics, and joined the LEAP team in 2016. Not only do I enjoy working with other talented creatives to capture the joy of a wedding, but I get to piece together the couple’s story, making both the small and the big moments shine on screen. When I’m not working, I’m probably listening to Missy Elliott or watching Riverdale.

LIKES: My friends and cappuccinos

DISLIKES: Filling out surveys




ABOUT ME: I’m a Mizzou alum (go Tigers!) who studied Digital Media, which led to an internship for LEAP’s sister company, BMP Film Co. in 2018. After assisting the LEAP crew film happy couples, I soon realized how much I love crafting the story of our clients’ special day, especially getting to know the couples’ personalities and backstories. My friends say I’m funny, sociable, and loyal to Kansas City. I like to have fun on the job, and talk about new awesome movies or music!  

LIKES: Hip-hop, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Kansas City Chiefs game wins, and catching the train on time

DISLIKES: DJ Khaled, Hookah Bars, and Game of Thrones Season 8




ABOUT ME: Some might call me weird – and they might be right. I went to Truman State for psychology, but now I’m most proud of my video editing and creative skills. I’m thankful each day to have a chance to do something I love (and editing to me is just about the coolest gig ever). It’s fun, emotional and creative. Who could ask for more?

LIKES: Nature, random acts of kindness, vegan comfort food, true friends

DISLIKES: Not much




ABOUT ME: I would describe myself as goofy, talkative and a bit on the nerdy side. I went to school for film at Columbia College. I love telling a great story through video, especially capturing the climactic moments on the day of a wedding. When not glued to my computer screen, you can find me on walks around Chicago, watching movies, and eating scrumptious food.

LIKES: Spending a night in with my girlfriend. Seeing my family.

DISLIKES: Slow walkers when I’m in a rush to get somewhere.




ABOUT ME: I’m currently a senior (woot woot!) at DePaul University studying Communications and Media. My friends say I’m caring, funny, and talented (they’re not wrong). I’m a big indie and 80’s music buff, and currently binging Euphoria and Fleabag! I joined LEAP so I could learn how to professionally edit, and I love piecing together clips from a couple’s big day.

LIKES: Spending time with my family and friends, playing guitar, and going to concerts

DISLIKES: Tow trucks and anxiety


You’ve read all about us, now it’s time to take the LEAP (pun intended) to get to know you.

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