It’s like your friends filmed it ….but exceedingly better.


Owner, Bearded Filmmaker


ABOUT ME: After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in film, I hit the ground running and began LEAP Weddings, which allowed me to do something I truly love – create films, every weekend, with great heart. Since 2006 I have enjoyed every event I have filmed and, more importantly, have developed many long-lasting friendships with my clients, fellow vendors and my staff, who I now consider my family. LEAP has taught me how to improve my skills as a filmmaker, editor, producer, leader and entrepreneur and, as a result, I have been able to build three more companies – The BMP Film Co., Epoch Studio Salon, and Evolve. It’s been a great run so far and, from the looks of it, I don’t really plan to stop running anytime soon.

LIKES: Live music, bad reality television, super sweet dance-offs, lazy Sundays, the movies, beer, traveling

DISLIKES: Complaining, being late


Producer, Creative Director


ABOUT ME: I am passionate, hard working, and competitive, and I love the art of storytelling. I knew after I took my first broadcast class in high school that my dream job was to be the person behind the scenes — a producer and video editor. After graduating from The University of Kansas with a degree in Film & Media (Go Jayhawks!), I set out to find the perfect company that would allow me the opportunity to grow these talents. I was fortunate enough to be pointed in the direction of LEAP Weddings and am proud to be a part of this talented team of creatives. I look forward to meeting you!

LIKES: Concerts, Netflix marathons, traveling, Parks & Recreation, puppies

DISLIKES: Pedestrians who don’t pay attention when crossing the street


Office Manager


ABOUT ME: I consider myself a master listener and organizer – which is fitting as it’s my job to organize all things LEAP. I graduated from Shepard University for Communication and Psychology and have been at LEAP weddings since 2016, because who doesn’t love a great love story. When not at work, you can find me in the kitchen mastering a recipe, bopping to Prince or catching up on episodes of the Great British Baking Show.

LIKES: Plants, slippers, bold patterns, and handstands

DISLIKES: Paying to park


Filmmaker + Lead Trainer


ABOUT ME: I have been a part of the LEAP team since day one and I think weddings are a great place to tell beautiful stories. My superpower is having the ability to make strangers feel comfortable on camera (and being able to take naps anywhere). When I’m not enjoying creative direction, shooting or editing a wedding you can find me dancing to Latin music or chilling on the couch with Doctor Who.

LIKES: Telling a good story and seeing someplace new.

DISLIKES: People who say what they don’t mean and do what they don’t say.




ABOUT ME: I went to the University of Illinois in Chicago for Anthropology. Why do I love shooting weddings? I love telling the story of such a significant event in the client’s life. I sometimes sit back and think “holy wow. It’s amazing to capture this moment and these people.” I’m also big into gardening and am doing my part to save the monarch butterfly species (plant milkweed!)

LIKES: Good light, good food, plants, and animals.

DISLIKES: Snapchat filters and people who don’t pass in the passing lane.








ABOUT ME: I started my career at Valparaiso University for Mechanical Engineering and have been a part of the LEAP team going on three years now. I joined because along with providing a high-quality service I get to have fun. Every. Single. Day. There’s truly no better feeling than nailing the shot! I love finding beautiful compositions of each couple’s special day.

LIKES: Riding my skateboard around the city and soaking up Chicago.

DISLIKES: Cars in the bike lane, dead batteries.








ABOUT ME: I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Film & TV and I love going to work each day knowing that I’m helping keep peoples’ best memories alive. I have an uncanny ability to make any situation a party – even work. It’s easy to have fun working when you’re amongst people who are not only the best at what they do – but also some of the best people you know. That’s LEAP for me. Oh, and I know how to tie a damn fine bow-tie if the need arises.

LIKES: When your commute and the song you’re listening to end at the same time.

DISLIKES: People who micromanage time on vacations.




ABOUT ME: I’ve always loved film and graduated from Loyola University in Chicago for Film Production. I’m obsessed with getting the right shot for our clients and have been meticulously perfecting that craft with LEAP Other skills include my extremely small handwriting and earning 4 crowns on Duolingo. Hola!

LIKES: Live music, travel, gin & tonics, learning new skills, getting the shot!

DISLIKES: Children kicking my seat on airplanes and horrible lighting.


Filmmaker + Editor






ABOUT ME: I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg for VFX and Motion Graphics and am a sucker for learning new things. I love drawing, filming, and cooking – but not always in that order. I love the way LEAP personalizes the story for the wedding couple. No cookie cutter weddings here. It’s such a thrill to document and be a part of one of the happiest days of people’s lives.

LIKES: Movies, video games, traveling to new places and trying new foods.

DISLIKES: I’m not really sure. Indecisiveness… maybe?




ABOUT ME: I’ve been with the LEAP crew for 4 years and love weddings because they produce awesome videos and attract super cool clients (that’s you). Plus, it’s a party. It’s dramatic. It’s emotional. What’s not to love? I went to school for engineering but am most proud of my great photographic eye.

LIKES: My wife!

DISLIKES: Realizing I’m the one who stepped in dog poop.




ABOUT ME: Some might call me weird – and they might be right. I went to Truman State for psychology, but now I’m most proud of my video editing and creative skills. I’m thankful each day to have a chance to do something I love (and editing to me is just about the coolest gig ever). It’s fun, emotional and creative. Who could ask for more?

LIKES: nature, random acts of kindness, vegan comfort food, true friends

DISLIKES: Not much.




ABOUT ME: I would describe myself as goofy, talkative and a bit on the nerdy side. I went to school for film at Columbia College. I love telling a great story through video, especially capturing the climactic moments on the day of a wedding. When not glued to my computer screen, you can find me on walks around Chicago, watching movies, and eating scrumptious food.

LIKES: Spending a night in with my girlfriend. Seeing my family.

DISLIKES: Slow walkers when I’m in a rush to get somewhere.




ABOUT ME: I joined LEAP the summer of 2018 as an intern, and I’ve been loving love ever since. There is something so magical about being entrusted to help tell an honest love story. I graduated from Wisconsin-Madison; Communications, International Studies & French. I’m a problem solver at heart who takes life a day at a time. I’m a selective clean freak who prides myself at being really good at cleaning OTHER people’s apartments. Mine? Not so much.

LIKES: Bonding with strangers over shared experiences, telling people you love them, reconnecting with old friends – I’m a total sap.

DISLIKES: Walgreen’s Balance Rewards – I swear it’s a pyramid scheme.




ABOUT ME: I’m a fan of telling stories – both written and visual – and recently graduated from Depaul for English. My friends even call me “EncyClairepedia” because of my crazy good memory. I’ve been with LEAP since April of 2018. I love editing weddings because I’m a big romantic and I like finding out what makes a couple special and helping to tell their story. When not editing, you can find me sewing, crocheting, and holding my own as a jigsaw puzzle wizard.

LIKES: The excitement of a new project, conceiving of how I want it to end up, the satisfaction of completing it.

DISLIKES: Plot holes and the health food store on my way to work with the talking scale that asks passersby “have you checked your weight today?”


You’ve read all about us, now it’s time to take the LEAP (pun intended) to get to know you.