Elise + Michael are high school sweethearts (kinda) that shared their first kiss before they even started dating. This was all thanks to Michael’s sly — but now maybe questionable — move during their high school musical performance. He was supposed to cover her mouth during the onstage kiss, but his hands just happened to slip and he planted one right on Elise’s lips taking her by surprise!

However, the now infamous onstage kiss slip was not the beginning of their relationship (shocking right?). It wasn’t until a few years later when Michael came across Elise on Facebook that he finally asked her out on a proper date. Everyone who was close to them knew love was in the air, and Elise’s sister actually bet $100 dollars that they would eventually get married after just going on one date.

And here we are, happily ever after — although, Elise’s sister is apparently still owed the $100.00….🤑

We are LEAP Weddings. This is Elise + Michael

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Vendor List:

Filmed by: LEAP Weddings
Edited by: LEAP Weddings
Planner: Storybook Weddings
Photographer: Studio2 (Alysia Mattea)
Prep Venue: Holiday Inn Mart Plaza
Ceremony: Old Saint Patrick’s Church
Reception Venue: Holiday Inn Mart Plaza
Floral: Juliet Tan Floral Design
Band: TVK Orchestra

400 N. RACINE, UNIT #107